Affordable Motorisation

Our Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, and Curtains can be motorised!
Whether you want to install wiring or retro-fit batteries, we’ve got the perfect option for you.

Once you have selected a fabric and are customising your window treatments, just select motorised for all the options available and to see how cost effective it is.

Roman Blinds

Beautiful and timemotorised roman blinds 2less, Roman blinds are the classic choice of window treatments. There is a wide selection of colours and patterns available, giving you the liberty to choose the best design for your home. Roman blinds are very versatile; they can serve as a statement piece and add a splash of colour in your room and, on the other hand, streamline your interior furnishings and bring together a simple and understated home design. Offering style without compromising functionality, these easy-to-use fabric blinds give privacy and optimum light control when lowered and allow natural light to come in when raised.


Motorised Roman Blinds



Roller Blinds

Roller blindsmotorised roller blinds 1 are the embodiment of style without compromising functionality, making them one of the most popular window treatments nowadays. Modern roller blinds can streamline the appearance of a minimalistic home or office, providing a sleek and contemporary look. On the other hand, roller blinds with fun and bold patterns can be the feature point of a room and can bring together a fun and warm atmosphere.

In terms of functionality, roller blinds offer complete coverage and sun protection when lowered, and lets the natural light come through when raised. Efficient rolling mechanisms allow ease of use and proper fit can be ensured when they are installed side-by-side on wide windows and glass doors.


Motorised Roller Blinds



Top quality motorised curtain tracks 1custom made curtains are the classic choice of window treatment. Choose our fabric or supply your own.
Available with different heading styles and lining options to suit the most discerning buyer. Curtains are a great choice for full length windows and doors.



Motorised Curtain Tracks